10 Tips for Putting your Best Foot Forward

  1. Aspire to be your very best. Average or good enough no longer works. You have to offer “value added” benefits. Stretch beyond the mundane.
  1. Define your goals and put them into action. Be specific, record them in the way that is measurable and obsess over your goals.
  1. Get on top of your fears, or through them, or past them by confronting them with a positive mindset and circumstances.
  1. Anticipate challenges, ask yourself “what’s the worst that could happen?” and over-prepare for them.
  1. Keep an encouragement file with which to pull yourself up and stir yourself during hard or low times.
  1. Protect yourself from sabotage by getting rid of toxic people who trash your success, or seem at all threatened by it. Surround yourself with supportive people.
  1. Find a source of wise opinion and advice to help you push through the time when you don’t feel ready. Finding that person who has faith in you, is like finding an anchor in rough seas.
  1. When you are confronted by a problem, don’t sit in there and complain like most people would. Begin the process of finding a solution. Be versatile in your thinking.
  1. Don’t dive head first into situations without thinking of ways to facilitate their success. Plan and be thoughtful in how you respond to situations.
  1. Learn to say ‘no’. Don’t expect to feel good about saying no. It may be uncomfortable but say so anyway.
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