Welcome to Shedistinction!

Shedistinction’s mission is to inspire and help young women build the professional stature, personal character and confidence resilience to advance their leadership ambitions, accelerate their careers aspirations and amplify their personal impact.  We do this in a number of ways:

  • Career mentorship
  • Leadership mentoring
  • Workplace literacy/readiness
  • Sharing women’s leadership wisdom


 Shedistinction team

I am Vera Ng’oma. Thanks for checking out our site. I started Shedistinction to enable young women learn to lead and flourish professionally because I have seen what a massive difference this makes to women’s careers and the positive change they are able to drive in their spheres of influence. Leadership is an obsession I have and I get to work with a small but equally committed team to help young women become the linchpins they are highly capable of.


Contact: shedistinction@gmail.com

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