6 Career Questions You Must Ask Yourself

From time to time, it helps to check in with yourself and see that you are where you wish to be career-wise. Here are some career questions to help your reflection.

Who are you as a professional?

What’s your work ethic and working style? How do you contribute to a positive work environment, how do you balance your aspirations with those of your organization? How do you establish and maintain important professional relationships? What are you known for in your professional circles? What are you like at your best?

What’s your career strategy?

What do you want to achieve and in what timeframe? How do you push yourself into more ambitious places? How are you proactively managing where you go from here? How do you assess what options are available regarding the direction you want to go in? How do you make an informed decision on whether you are on the right career path?

How do you handle obstacles?

Which of your own behaviors are becoming barriers and sabotaging you? How do you distill lessons from your mistakes? How do you navigate when you are outside of your comfort zone? How do you bounce back from setbacks? What do you need to develop to strengthen your resilience?

What alarm bells are you ignoring?

How do you know when you’ve stopped growing? What excites you that you no longer make time to engage in? What lame reasons are you telling yourself for not doing what you know you ought to? What are you tolerating that’s hurting you or your prospects?

How do you manage self direction?

How do you handle change? How do you adapt when you find yourself in a situation that is new to you? How do you handle uncertainty? How do you proceed when you have to handle an important responsibility without clear direction? What actions are you taking now that will prepare you better for challenges?

What will put you in the top league?

What are you doing or not doing that’s keeping you from making the top league? How are you building on your successes? Who are you intentionally learning from? How do you know when you are ready to compete at your next level?

How did you do? Any ahas? I would love to hear your feedback/comments.

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