Interview with Naomi Osemedua: Storyteller & Lifestyle Coach


Naomi Osemedua is an International Speaker, two-time TEDx Speaker, Lifestyle Coach and founder of  Women With Stories International, an Organization empowering women to find, own and share their unique stories. As a Global Media Strategist, Naomi coaches personal and corporate brands on how to increase their visibility locally and globally, helping them leverage digital media platforms in pursuit of their purpose. Naomi is a proud recipient of the 2019 Woman of Excellence Award by the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India. She sits on the Boards of social change initiatives, Hive Africa, Church On The Street, Kiyeseni Foundation and Salt Talks Africa.  Naomi is a philanthropist and on a mission to ‘die empty’ and sparkle her world like only she can. More on Naomi and her work @ 


You’re the first African woman to trend on with over 20 million users from the comfort of your home, a feat you achieved after only 6 months of live broadcasts. How did you make that happen?

The first move was hitting the ‘go live’ button on Periscope and the magic happened. Amazing things happen when we begin to take action every day. I showed up and did the work consistently. I hired Mentors and implemented what I learnt. That’s how empires are built!


I guess getting started is the easy bit, the harder part is keeping content fresh and interesting in real time. How do you determine what would be of interest to a global audience and have them stay connected?

I have done this consistently for over 4years and I know what my audience wants. I also never stop asking what they need so I can serve them with hot fresh content always. I keep increasing my capacity so I can continually serve in a greater way.


The power of story seems to be the thrust of your brand which you also bring to life through your organization “Women with stories International”. Why do stories fascinate us all so much?

Stories are powerful and connect us in a very deep emotional way. No matter the age, everyone loves a good story. Our stories also never get old and are unique to us. Knowing the power that lies in ‘owning’ our unique stories can literally change the world we live in for good.


You use your platform to also share real stories from Africa. What kind of stories resonate most and what’s the feedback telling you about what impact this might be having on perceptions of Africans and the African continent?

For too long, the media has painted this picture of Africa being a dark continent. While I may agree with some of what they portray, I believe Africa also has beauty and we need that shown to the world as well. But, until they get it right… I am leveraging technology to share my unique and beautiful stories about Africa and it’s definitely changing the narrative for good about this continent I call home.


Your own story as you say was “from tragedy to miracle’. Part of that tragedy was suffering domestic abuse which inspired your starting a podcast. How is the podcast helping to address this scourge?

The Women with Stories International was born from me sharing my personal story. I kept getting feedback from others who were inspired by my story so we started the Podcast to give more women the platform to share their journeys of hope and inspiration. We are empowering women to not see themselves as victims but as survivors who have the gift of their unique stories to bless the world with.


How does one mine their story to become the gift that you say it is and tell it with confidence?

The first step is identifying the stories, the experiences and things that you have gone through. The next step is finding your cure because what you went through and survived has given you a cure. After you find the cure, serve it to the world. You never have to worry about competition because no one else has your story, no matter how similar our experiences are. Confidence rises when you know and believe this truth and the more you practice and share your stories, the more confident you will be.


With your transformation from stay at home mom to author to speaker to streaming guru etc. How are you developing yourself to ensure you are able to fulfil your ambitions?

Personal development is like air to me. I have coaches and mentors so that I can serve in an even greater capacity plus I never forget to go back to my source- GOD, for direction and strength for the journey. God created me and put me here to fulfill an assignment so I better make sure I am walking with Him so I don’t derail from the path of light.


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  1. I so much agree with you Naomi, personal stories are very powerful tool to ones journey of success or fulfilling a purpose in life. I am a living testimony myself. Congratulations!

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