Pass the Maturity Test

There are some situations we face that can test the patience or composure of most people. But handling such situations maturely can put you heads above your peers. Here are some typical tricky situations and what to do when you face them.

How you lead

Leadership these days is not just what the boss does. It’s for everyone. It’s an attitude, behaviour and even a state of mind. Choosing to lead isn’t about usurping other people’s authority or overstepping the mark. It’s taking responsibility for doing the very best you can and delivering results.

Your effect on people

The ability to interact well and get along with people is important not only because this is an expectation in many places but it also helps to build healthy relationships. Know your personal style and its impact on others. Treat people with respect and give them room to be themselves.

How you compete

Learning to compete fairly is healthy but wanting to win all the time can be counterproductive and can lead you into taking credit that is due others. Pursue your ambition but don’t trample over others in the process.

Handling disagreement

You’re never going to see eye to eye all the time with everyone so learning how to deal with disagreement and to negotiate your way is a must. How you handle disagreement has an impact on how you are perceived so always aim to handle disagreements constructively. When you have to handle conflict remain calm, professional and solution-oriented. Be assertive but polite and keep your ego out of it.

Receiving feedback

Positive feedback is always great to receive. Critical feedback can be difficult to accept. Try not to reject negative feedback out of hand. If the feedback is given rudely, respectfully say so but draw what you can from even seemingly negative feedback to guide your journey of growth.

Handling disappointment

Lost out on that promotion? Someone took credit for your work? Disappointments come and when they do don’t throw tantrums or act the victim. Take a long term view and don’t let your reaction to such single events undermine your future prospects or your work relationships.

Your attitude to change

Change is tough and is usually uncomfortable but although mostly inevitable can be good if taken it on the chin.  When you see change coming, receive it and help shape it rather than resisting it. You can only influence the impact of the change if you engage with it.

Managing a difficult boss

Sometime in your career you’ll work with a difficult boss. Be sure you are not seeing them as difficult because they’re asking more of you than you are prepared to give. Choose to respect your boss and his authority over you. If they are being unreasonable, ask to meet them and discuss any specific issues with them.
What other trick situations have you faced/found most relevant?

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