At Shedistinction, we believe that whenever you are now with your leadership and career, it’s nothing like where you could be. And not settling isn’t about being ungrateful; it’s making a clear choice not to waste your talent. We provide programmes and experiences to help make the shifts and get tangible results.


Career mentorship

  • We provide a blend of leadership, career and personal development to equip young women professionals with the critical understanding and tools to manage and advance their careers, grow stature and credibility and confidently handling any professional challenges.


Leadership mentoring

  • Leadership is hard and it makes sense to have help to turn to when you need it. Our support include mentoring for girl leaders (prefects) in secondary schools and offering sounding board sessions for emerging leaders needing to crack specific leadership challenges.


Workplace literacy/readiness

  • The workplace is still difficult for women to advance. These seminars gives newly graduated and early career women a head-start by showing you the expectations of the workplace, how to thrive at work and how to navigate the specific challenges you’re likely to face as a woman.


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